The Baby Boy Collection from Anne Bebe was inspired by the elegant look of princes during special events in their life.Our aim was to combine that style with the innocent look of childhood, resulting in sweet elegance, seen as a fragile fashion movement. Your precious little boy becomes the "Prince" of your event in our high-quality clothes. The materials used are natural, accessorised with beautiful buttons and petite ornamental hats for your little angel. Your baby boy becomes the star of the evening, bringing the light of moon and stars upon his outfit. Since everything is crafted with great attention, we consider our prince outfit to be the perfect one.

Whatever the event, the Baby Boy collection has the perfect outfit for your precious little one. Since 2001, when our company launched itself on the marked, as a tradition, each of our Prince boys suites or costumes is masterfully crafted, using the finest of fabrics. We put great effort down to each stitch, bead, button and thread. With classic, traditional styles and modern styles, you are assured satisfaction with our collection for your little princes. We designed our clothes in order to assure comfort and sustainability. Whilst your baby crawls on a journey and begins to walk, each little moment should be fulfilled with confidence for you and your baby.

I have always tried to create more "mature" clothes for babies and children. Elegant, refined, in only one word: perfect. With the birth of the Anne Bebe Baby Girl collection, I was fully inspired to create such beautiful clothes for boys as well, using high-quality materials. I still remember the day my first design was ready, my heart was pumping from my chest, I cannot explain the feeling. I have never acheived something so perfect in my life.

I have dedicated my entire life to children and seeing the result of my work I felt overwhelmed. During the photo shooting, the beautiful baby boys posed as real princes and the parents were bursting out with joy. It was a perfect day, did not feel like work at all.

Alexandru   Prunoiu

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