The Baby Girl Collection from Anne Bebe was inspired by the luxurious look of princesses throughout the world. Our aim was to combine that style with the innocent look of childhood, resulting in sweet elegance, seen as a fragile fashion movement. The materials we use are natural, in bright and beautiful colours, accessorised with headbands, Swarovski crystals and other precious stones. Your baby girl becomes the princess of your event, the queen of your day, the angel that brings light into your wonderful afternoon! The delicacy with which we combined every element of a particular piece of clothing represents us.

Whatever the occasion, the Baby Girl collection of designer dresses has the perfect outfit for your little one. As a tradition since our founding in 2001, each of our baby girl dresses is masterfully crafted. We use only the finest of fabrics, detailed down to each intricate stitch, bead, feather and sequin. With classic, traditional styles and modern styles, you are assured satisfaction with or collection designed for your precious little girls. Our clothing lines have been created to ensure comfort, sustainability and practicality. Whilst your baby crawls on a journey and begins to walk, each little moment should be fulfilled with confidence for you and your baby.

I have been interested in the look of refined women from television ever since my sister was born. I had a dream of creating that unique feeling for babies, why not ? Elegant clothes, delicate accessories, eye-catching colours, everything combined in the result of the perfect outfit for baby girls. Therefore, that's how our luxurious concept started. The final result was amazing, the colours, the Swarovski crystals, it all seemed like a fairytale for the most special children!

During the photo shooting I had this feeling of... perfection I simply cannot explain. The smile of the parents, the joy of the little ones. I had accomplished what I have always wanted, the refined style of an elegant woman, caught in a petite outfit for a beautiful angel. It was perfect.

Alexandru   Prunoiu

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